Some country studies and reports of Paul Starkey and colleagues

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This web page will be gradually developed to make easily available some publications written by Paul Starkey and various collaborators. These publications are copyright and are being made available to assist those involved in development issues and related research. While individual copies may be downloaded for personal use, they should NOT be reproduced without permission. 

Where possible the publications listed below will be made available in pdf format, identical to the published version (although the resolution of pictures will generally be 'on-screen' resolution rather than 'press' quality. In some cases (eg, certain books) the link will be to another site with further information about the book or (in the case of ATNESA) to a webpage where papers can be downloaded. In other cases, pre-publication drafts will be posted here, and people will have to obtain a 'hard copy' from the publishers to get the definitive version. Most papers will be less than 400 kb and should download easily. Some publications with photos are large or very large  and in these cases warning colours and the file size will be displayed.

Starkey P, 1998. Developing animal traction technologies in Bolivia. Silsoe Research Institute, Silsoe, UK. 38p.
Starkey P, 1996. Animal traction in Mauritania: situation and perspectives. Food and Agriculture of the United Nations, Rome, Italy. 34p.

Starkey P, 1996. La traction animale en Mauritanie: situation et perspectives. Food and Agriculture of the United Nations, Rome, Italy. 34p.

Starkey P, 1995 (ed). Animal power in South Africa: empowering rural communities. Development Bank of Southern Africa, Gauteng, South Africa. 160p. ISBN 1-874878-67-6
Starkey P, 1995. Animal traction and sustainable agriculture in the Dominican Republic. Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development, Arkansas, USA. 21p.

Starkey P, 1993. Animal traction in Tchad: policies and approaches. Oxfam, Oxford, UK. 57p.

Starkey P, 1993. La traction animale au Tchad: politiques et approches. Oxfam, Oxford, UK. 65p.

Starkey P, 1992. Animal power in Namibia: present status and programme requirements. Ministry of Agriculture, Windhoek, Namibia and Overseas Development Administration, London, UK. 58p.
Starkey P and Grimm J, 1994. The introduction of animal traction in the Tanga Region, Tanzania. GTZ, Eschborn, Germany. 65p.
Starkey P and Mutagubya W, 1992. Animal traction in Tanzania: experience, trends and priorities. Ministry of Agriculture, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, UK. 51p.
Starkey P, Dibbits H and Mwenya E, 1991. Animal traction in Zambia: status, progress and trends. Ministry of Agriculture, Lusaka in association with IMAG-DLO, Wageningen, The Netherlands. 105p.
Summary and contents ( 350 kb);   
Full 114-page document (NB large file 5 Mb).
                also available in three parts for easier downloading
Animal traction in Zambia: Summary and contents (small 345 kb file). 
Animal traction in Zambia Part 1 (large file 2.7 Mb)
Animal traction in Zambia Part 2 (large file 2.5 Mb)
Starkey P, 1997. Réseau Guinéen sur la Traction Animale (RGTA): progress, constraints and new possibilities. A summary of discussions following an ACT supported mission 6-16 October 1997. Animal Traction Development, Reading, UK. 8p.

Starkey P, 1991. The revival of animal traction in Kindia Region of Guinea Conakry. Report of evaluation of project ONG/78/89/B Guinea Conakry. Commission of the European Communities, Brussels, Belgium. 43p.

Starkey P, 1991. Relance de la traction bovine dans la région de Kindia, Guinée Conakry. Evaluation de l'action ONG/78/89/B Guinée Conakry. Commission des Communautés Européennes, Bruxelles, Belgique. 45p.

Starkey P, 1991. Animal traction in Guiné-Bissau: status, trends and survey priorities. Report of a consultancy mission carried out from 22 February to 5 March 1991 in association with Pan Livestock Services, Reading University and Gaptec, Lisbon Technical University. Animal Traction Development, Reading, UK. 22p.
Starkey P, 1990. Observations on the research, development and extension components of the Mbeya Oxenization Project, Tanzania. Animal Traction Development, Reading, UK, 35p.
Starkey P, 1981. Farming with work oxen in Sierra Leone. Ministry of Agriculture, Freetown, Sierra Leone. 88p.
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